Summary of ITX 1000 module,  Information Technology

All these units/topics deeply link with one another in our lives, allowing everything/computers/software to run smoothly,  where in the modern world we heavily depending on. As we heavily depend on these technology if something goes wrong, it can cause a lot of damages, in terms of cost-money, reputation/trust-business,  and even lives-hospital.  although we cannot 100% elimate chance of error/fault but we can lower the chance of it from happening, for example we use Standards to help us do so. Standards are included in almost everything we use today, e.g. VR headsets, Arduino boards, Smart sensors, and DSP chips. These came from experts’s knowledge to help set the standards, using SFIA to communicate will allow people around the world connect and understand each other in the digital industry using this common language / platform. Producing high quality, safe products / services for consumers, allowing us to achieve more in less time and better quality of life as technology advance.

SFIA Implementation ITX1000

Unit Future Systems

Unit Accessibility

Unit Arduino

Unit Embedded Systems and Physical Computing

Unit Media and Marketing

Unit Media Literacy

Unit Recommender Systems

Unit Smart Environments

Unit Standards

Unit Virtual Environments