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Science Fiction Story : Virtual Reality Technology

My name is Yukimura Ayato, an ordinary high schooler, 16 years’ old

[Today is the release date of “ Mugen Sekai “ , a VRMMORPG – Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game, a whole new experience to gaming due to break through in technology and neuroscience, allowing users’ s consciousness to submerge into another platform and still have all the sense. After waiting for a year since they first announce about the game, Ayato couldn’t waiting any longer to play the game like million others who had pre-ordered the game long time ago]

As the bell rings Ayato and few others in class all sprint out the classroom and run back to their home

Ayato close his door, quickly lay down on his bed and puts on the nerve gear and press the on button

 A blank screen appears, no, not exactly more like a blank world, nothing else just completely white

A moment later, a new world begins to reveal, covered with endless green grass and a medieval like city in the far distance.

Ayato lay his palms on his face and begin to examine his body, just making sure he still can feel 

Ayato Tilt his head slightly upwards two bars appears, a green and a blue bar, green bar above the blue bar

Yes, those are hp and mana bar, and above the bars “Yukimura Ayato” player’s name and a number: player’s level

All of a sudden a notification sound starts playing and a white box pops up in mid-air saying “incoming call” Ayato pushes the answer button with his finger, a familiar voice starts talking


“ye? Hello??”

“Ayato, where are you?”

“I don’t know, are you Takeshi?”

“ye, who else can it be, where are you? Never mind, we are meeting in front of the city gate that we talked about in class earlier, you remember?”

(Takeshi is Ayato’s friend and classmate, who ran out of classroom with Ayato earlier)

“ye, of course, but how do I get there?”

“look in your inventory, you should have a teleport crystal which allows you to teleport near the city gate”

Ayato opens up his inventory’s interface and saw some items and the crystal

“sec, ye, I found it but… how do I use the teleport crystal?”

“…hold the crystal and say teleport, quick we are all waiting for you.” Call ends

Ayato points at the crystal and select ‘take ‘option, and the crystal appears in Ayato’s hand


A second later Ayato appear near the city gate and a lot of people near the gate and starts walking towards it at the same time looking for Takeshi and other friends.

Ayato soon finds Takeshi in a small group and joins them, Ayato soon realize a difference, most player’s name are white and some are yellow

Ayato asks Takeshi

“why are some player’s names white and some yellow?”

“player’s names are white colour, names with yellow colour are NPCs – non player character, the game developers put so much effort in developing NPCs so they are not so boring, an AI, they can think, have their own personalities and so on, as the game move on player’s actions will affect the NPCs.”

“oh, I see…”

“Ayato you should know all these… , didn’t you do the tutorial?”

“no… , I skipped it…”

Takeshi turns and starts to walk towards and into the city gate “follow me”

After a month of exploring and fighting killing monsters Ayato, Takeshi and their group reached level 20+ and they formed a small clan, they are running low on supplies, like potions and need armour, so they decide to stop by a city to buy supplies with the gold they gained from monsters.

Ayato looks at the clock in game, there are two clocks one is in game time, the other one is local time for the player, Ayato’s local time is 00:00 and he talks in the clan chat saying he is going to go off, to sleep

Ayato opens the log out interface and push the log out button, 10 seconds later nothing happened, Ayato try’s again, another 10seconds later nothing happened.

Ayato called Takeshi

“Takeshi, something is wrong, I can’t log out”

“…that’s strange, let me try”

30seconds later

“hello? Takeshi?”

“…hmm that’s strange, I can’t log out too, I tired 3 times”

All of a sudden a video message pops up in front of every in-game player

“this is an important message”

“due to hackers attacking our servers, there will be somee………………….”

Suddenly the message cuts out and a moment later another face appears with a mask

“hello players, some of you might have already found out that you cant log out from the game”

“yes, you can no longer log out, and from now on if you die in-game, you will die in real life as well, so good luck to you all”

Masked face makes a evil laugh and the video message disappears.